I know, we were late to this party, since it’s been out since 2017. But, we saw it in the cinema on Wednesday.

The film was very good, but I do feel it was slightly overhyped.

There is nothing I can fault about the film itself. It was amazingly visual, fantastically well composed and the editing to me, was flawless.

The film dealt with the raw, human emotions and the trials and tribulations of teenage sexuality. The story itself is timeless, but set ‘somewhere in Northern Italy’ – everywhere and nowhere at once – in the summer of 1983. It is this ambiguity that adds to the film’s timelessness.

A teenager, struggling with life, love and sex meets someone older, wiser and desirable, and the sexual tension permeates through them both. Until, eventually, it becomes too much and they embark upon a short lived, but passionate and intense affair.

The story is one that we’ve seen and heard before, save for one thing: the love is between two men, Elio and Oliver. It is a huge step in the right direction of representing queer relationships on the big screen. My only problem is that I feel the relationship wasn’t a great representation of queer relationships: Oliver is considerably older than the 17 year old Elio.

That’s my only qualm about the film itself. Apart from that, I was so stricken by the raw emotion of the characters, how you really believed in what they were feeling. Probably because we have all been there. We have all been overwhelmed by love for someone that we had no idea how to handle it. We were grief stricken when the burning passion fizzled out.

I think it’s definitely worth a watch, and it’s really just a beautiful film.


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