We’ll eventually get round to seeing films that were released in 2018, but we like to seize the opportunity to see films on the big screen that we didn’t get the chance to. So our next one, which was meant to be our first one, was The Florida Project. 

To me, this film was worth the wait.

Having seen it after Call Me by Your Name, I had high expectations and to be perfectly honest, it made me want to go somewhere sunny. Very few movies resonate with me on a deep level, but this one did for me.

It’s stuck with me in a way that Little Miss Sunshine stuck with me, and mainly because of the absolute power of the child star. I loved this movie so much, but it wasn’t enjoyable in the way that a lighthearted movie is.

It was enjoyable because it was so real. So real, and so raw and so beautiful. Not because of its aesthetics, but because it was a beautiful story.

Essentially, we follow Moonee around as she keeps herself occupied during the summer in Florida. She lives in a purple building called The Magic Castle, which, although it’s in Florida, the home of Disney, it’s far from magic and even farther from being a castle.

Moonee is a very sassy six year old, living in one room in the purple motel with her tough, young single mother. The pair are very close and carefree, except for the eternal struggle to pay for the room. Moonee is not fully aware of this, and there is an innocence to her that is refreshing.

For someone living in such poor conditions, with a mother who is present but also absent, their relationship is beautiful and pure. Moonee is kept separate from all the struggles of her mother, just as she should be. While she is still running completely wild and causing trouble.

I am excited to watch this film again, because I feel like a lot was lost on me, because I was so involved in their lives and relationships.


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