I had no real idea what Loveless was before deciding to book the seats. I knew it was a Russian film that was critically acclaimed and looked intense. It was definitely worth seeing.

I have no objection to watching subtitled films, but I sometimes find that reading the subtitles can distract from the visuals of the film. I find myself spending too much time reading, and not enough time looking at the actual acting on screen.

This was not the case for Loveless. There is actually very little dialogue in the film, because it doesn’t need it. It is a stunningly visual, real film. The shots are long and lingering, simple but highly effective. It’s quite difficult to put into words a film that is so visual, but it is an incredibly raw movie.

It was enjoyable because it was believable, and everything about it could happen, unfortunately. I was emotionally invested in the film in a way that I hadn’t been in a very long time and I enjoyed it. I struggled at times to grasp my reaction to the situation unfolding on the screen but it was raw and real and I loved it.

I loved the way it made me feel, on a deep level. I love the way it made me think, and ultimately I love the way it portrayed humans as the flawed beings that we are. I enjoy knowing that films are made that aren’t feel-good films, but they are made about being human. They show us in our best and our worst lights, and we leave the cinema wondering how people view me, and how I view other people.

I left the cinema hoping that I was going to treat people better, and I had my eyes open wider to the beauty of the natural world within the city.


Specky Scribbler & Guy with Red Beard


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