I know we’ve been missing for a while. Two months. We’ve still been going to the cinema, but we haven’t been able to update this blog. That’s because we’ve been busy with client work. So, while we’ve been seeing films, we haven’t been able to squeeze in the time to write reviews and make GIFs. So, here’s a review that’s short and sweet.


Making the Grade, when we saw it, was light-hearted and fun. The problem we both had with it was that the layout made it very apparent when the ‘end’ would occur and therefore we were acutely aware of how much time had passed, and was left.

The film is a documentary about people practicing for their grade exams in the piano, and showcases the relationships between teachers and their pupils. It also shows how music brings people together, and brings them out of themselves.

The music in the film is, as you would expect, the students playing. Rated G, the film has a certain innocence about it and was a great break for us midweek. However, the difficulty was that because it was universally rated, people didn’t entirely find it necessary to act as if it was a film.

By that, I mean that the audience didn’t see anything wrong with talking through the entire film. I don’t mean one person was talking, there were multiple groups of people having conversations throughout. I don’t know why they thought that was okay, but it was shameless. We both attempted to tell them to stop, by shushing and/or making eye contact.

It’s unfortunate that our film experience was sullied by the selfishness of those attending.

Specky Scribbler & Guy with Red Beard


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