Hello, we’re back again.

We have a huge backlog of movie reviews to get through, because a lot of work and a lot of life got in the way of Getting Into Films, but we’ll be working through these films over the next weeks.

First up is Dublin Oldschool. This is an Irish film based on the play of the same name by Emmet Kirwan. The film is directed by Dave Tynan and it is has been kept in the cinemas in Ireland long enough that we managed to see it!

I’m not going to lie: I absolutely adore Emmet Kirwan’s work. When he performed at Late at the Gate, he moved me to tears, so I had high hopes for this film.

What surprised me is that I was so inspired by the film that the review I wrote is actually a poem. A spoken word piece that was directly inspired by the film and Kirwan’s poetry.

Dublin Oldschool is a tribute to the sesh left behind in the glory days and the drug-fuelled haze of the Celtic Tiger days before the loudest
And we all hit the dashboard of an emergency
The lights
The sights
The animals looking at us as if in a zoo and we want you to look right back at us say,
The actual
Did they do?”

A couple of million for you, and you, and you,
But by the way, we can’t pay the rate and just watch as we all crumble under the under the wait
Without substantiating the blood, sweat and tears of those lost souls without pension, without homes.

The tide has to turn as what went up has definitely come down but who knows which way the wind blows when it’s blown up someone’s own
Wasted. All that hard work – and for what?
No certainty?
No insurance?

Specky Scribbler & Guy with Red Beard


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